Monday, December 1, 2014

How To Create the Perfect Circle Skirt

Supplies needed

  • Fabric(depending on how long you want you skirt how many yards you need will vary)
  • Elastic
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine
 First, take your waist measurement. Then, divide your waist measurement by 3. Next, add .5 inches to your answer. This is your circle skirt number.
Now, take your fabric and fold in half like the diagram shows. Then, take your circle skirt number from earlier and mark it on a measuring tape. Now, put the end of your measuring tape on the right most corner ON THE FOLD. Lay it against the fabric vertically and mark on the fabric where your measuring tape is marked. Rotate it, keeping the end in the corner, about every 2 inches marking as you go. 
Now to mark your length. You can make a circle skirt any length from mini to maxi. I usually choose about nineteen inches for my skirts. After you have chosen your length, place your measuring tape where the purple arrow is pointing. Use the measuring tape to mark where you want your skirt to end( adding an inch or so for hemming.) Then, do this again to the other side marking on the fold. And then place the tape in the middle of your skirts waistline and measure the length of your skirt and mark. 
Now, cut on the lines you have created. You should only have one piece of fabric. Now fold the top waistband down about an inch with WRONG sides together. Pin in place and sew. Take your elastic and cut it about 2 inches bigger than your waistband. String your elastic through the waistband using a safety pin. Pin the ends of the elastic to the skirt. Fold skirt with RIGHT sides together and sew the entire length, securing the elastic. Now hem the bottom of your skirt And ta-da the perfect circle skirt.